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5 Traits Hiring Managers Look For in Candidates

February 19, 2016

Your resume will land you the interview, but what will land you the job?

Your education, qualifications, and technical skills are three things hiring managers will inevitably scrutinize when you interview for a new job, and are the most important, right? Well, much like college admission officers, hiring managers are looking for things beyond technical competence, they’re looking for the skills that set you apart from other candidates, too.

5 Important Traits

  1. Interpersonal skills- Oftentimes, hiring managers will conduct lunch interviews to see if a potential candidate fits in with the group, plays well with others, and is able to hold a casual conversation with ease. People skills are difficult to reach in the hiring process, employers have noted, and are skills that bear a lot of weight in their decision process more often than not. If you are a shy person by nature, try attending social events outside your comfort zone to sharpen your conversation skills. **Helpful hint- Don’t talk politics!
  2. Enthusiasm- Hiring managers are looking for authentic, uninhibited ambition in new hires—Be sure to let that shine during an interview. How are you looking to grow in your career? What are you looking to learn? Convey this during the interview. **Helpful hint- Don’t get carried away—Make sure your interests and ambitions are focused, honest, and believable.
  3. Confidence- Show hiring managers that you are comfortable with yourself and are able to hold your own. **Helpful hint- Don’t be cocky-That is a huge turnoff.
  4. Work ethic- Read up on the company you’re interviewing for and make a concerted effort to show potential employers how hard you are willing to go the extra mile. Make your resume come to life by fitting specific examples in your interview answers regarding your past jobs and instances where you were able to go above and beyond. **Helpful hint- The ability to stretch beyond your job’s primary responsibilities and adjust to a dynamic work environment is a key skill to have.
  5. Likeability- An impressive resume and skill set only go so far in the interview process. If you’re not likeable, employers are not going to want to hire you. The biggest footprint you will make in the interview process is how you come across. **Helpful hint- Hiring managers will often ask the receptionist how he/she was greeted by you, so make sure you are professional and friendly to everyone you meet.

During the job hunt, make sure to assess your soft skills and how they can stand to be improved. You don’t want to walk into the interview bearing a thick resume, but lacking amiability.
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