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Entities are often required to adopt technology when sharing valuable information with vendors, contractors, customers and their employees. This sharing introduces the possibilities of increasing the organization's vulnerability to a cyber-attack and/or data breach.

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Daniel M. Andrea, Partner, Information Security

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Leveraging technology is a driver in helping organizations succeed.

While it is impossible to eliminate all risks associated with a cyber-attack, an organization can take a variety of steps to mitigate its exposure, satisfy its governance responsibilities and minimize the impact should such an event occur.

KLR works closely with its clients in implementing the necessary policies, procedures and infrastructure to address a cyber security attack. Acknowledging that a “one size fits all” approach is costly and ineffective, we will work with you to tailor a program that is consistent with your overall risk assessment appetite and provide you with an appropriate defense against these threats.

Our Cyber Security services include:

Cyber Security Risk Assessment

In order to adopt an effective strategy against potential cyber-attacks, an organization needs to first understand its exposure and potential vulnerabilities. Using industry standard frameworks such as the NIST’s Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure, Cybersecurity and the Center for Internet Security (CIS) and the Critical Security Controls (CSC) for Effective Cyber Defense, KLR assists clients in identifying potential gaps and risks in their infrastructures (technology, people and processes) and in implementing effective action plans to remediate.

Incident Response Plan Preparation

Industry experts continuously state that organizations need not concentrate on if they will experience a cyber security attack and breach, but rather when. Organizations need to be prepared to mobilize when an attack occurs. KLR helps its clients develop and test incident response plans so that when such an attack occurs, the potential costs (financial and reputational) are minimized.

Cyber Risk Program Development

Building upon the cyber security risk assessment, we work with organizations to develop and implement a cyber risk program which includes continuous review and change as new threats emerge. We work with you to identify key elements such as an adequate threat analysis, implementing preventative controls and continuous monitoring solutions, proper vendor management protocols, incident response procedures and regular security awareness training for your employees.

Cyber Security Audit

For those organizations that have implemented a cyber security program, we will audit the program to determine its effectiveness and identify opportunities for improvement.

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