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International Tax

Globalization brings businesses of all sizes into the global economy as they conduct business and pursue opportunities abroad. Each circumstance is unique and can present complex planning and compliance challenges.

KLR will bring tailored international tax solutions to you and your business, and will make it our mission to provide you with the services you need. Whether you are:

  • Entering new markets to offer products or services;
  • Pursuing efficient manufacturing capabilities;
  • Gaining access to talent and skill sets not readily available in the home country;
  • Financial investment; or any number of other business objectives

More than 18,000 accounting, tax and consulting professionals in more than 100 countries

The KLR International Tax Services Group is backed by a dedicated, experienced team of professionals supported by a proven global network, LEA Global, with more than 600 offices located in over 100 countries.

Our services include:

International Tax & Business

  • Global tax structuring and business alignment
  • Expansion into new markets and territories
  • Cross-border financing and cash flows
  • Support for mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations and other transactions
  • Controlled Foreign Corporation (CFC) matters (Subpart F, Earnings & Profits Analysis, etc.)
  • U.S. foreign reporting and tax compliance
  • Transfer pricing
  • Export Incentives

Expatriate Services

  • Individual federal and state income tax returns for U.S. individuals living overseas
  • Disclosure of interest in foreign assets and entities such as Controlled Foreign Corporation (CFC) matters
  • Preparation of prior year returns for the IRS voluntary disclosure programs
  • Expatriation analysis and filings
  • Coordination of Foreign Tax Return Preparation

Inpatriate Services

  • Pre-departure planning
  • Individual federal and state income tax returns including dual status and nonresident tax filings
  • Treaty based return positions and consulting
  • Compliance for withholding forms such as W-8, 1042, W-8BEN, etc.
  • Assistance with application for the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number
  • Planning and compliance for foreign investment in U.S. real property and the FIRPTA rules

Global Mobility

  • Assignment policy development
  • Tax cost-projection calculations
  • Tax compliance and consulting services
  • Tax equalization, protection reconciliations, and gross up calculations
  • Arrival and departure tax briefings
  • Plan and mitigate social security tax

International Tax Guide: Taxation of U.S. Expatriates

A Guide to Doing Business in the U.S.

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