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How to Attract Top Talent in 2022

March 03, 2022

What typically attracts candidates to companies and positions? Typical answers in the past included stability, benefits, greater responsibility, and/or higher salaries. Read any recent article on LinkedIn regarding recruiting and/or retention, and you will hear loud and clear that candidates are adding to the list of non-negotiables. Here’s what we are hearing.

3 ways to attract talent in 2022

  1. Genuine work/life balance:

    Flexible work arrangements are here to stay. Since Covid, employees have become accustomed to alternative workplaces, and employers have adjusted. If employers can offer a ‘WFH’ arrangement or flexible work hours and choose not to, they will have difficulty competing for talent. Flexibility is key to attracting high achievers.
  2. Recognition for output vs. input:

    Professional level employees want autonomy and independence. Autonomy=trust=respect. It is important for senior management to trust that their team is working, even when they cannot see them at their desks or hear the clicking of their keyboards (input). Recognizing employees for their work product and deliverables (output) offers a different perspective. Shifting to this management style leads to better morale and often produces better results. When candidates are asked the question- ‘What is most important in a supervisor you’d be reporting to?’ The most common answer is autonomy and trust.
  3. Inclusionary culture:
    Belonging to the community that is your workplace is critical to retention. This has always been true, and more recently, employers are making this a priority. Inclusionary practices are crucial to attracting a diverse staff. A lot of employers are promoting their inclusionary practices in their recruitment efforts. For many candidates, this is the top reason for choosing an employer.

The most important thing employers can do in the recruitment process is learn what is important to each candidate. That means getting to know the candidates- ‘Why are they leaving their current position?’ ‘What are they missing at their current employer?’ Employers are sometimes surprised that it is not a salary increase or title change that’s important. Offering that missing piece will result in a greater chance of successfully hiring the ideal candidate.

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