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KLR’s Top 10 Accounting Blogs of 2012

December 13, 2012

Don’t miss our top content of 2012.

Did you know KLR publishes over 40 blogs per week? It’s a lot to keep up with so we have re-capped the top blogs of 2012 for you with a brief overview. This is a list of our reader’s (that’s you) favorite posts. Enjoy!

  1. IRS Announces 2012 Standard Mileage Rates- Tax Blog This blog continues to be one of our most popular even though it’s almost a year old! Don’t miss our latest blog outlining the 2013 standard mileage rate increases.
  2. Two New Medicare Taxes for High Income Earners- Tax Blog This post outlined the two increases that will become effective January 1, 2013 increasing the amount of Medicare tax paid by certain high income earners. The first increase being a 3.8% Medicare surcharge on investment income and the second also effective January 1, 2013 is a .9% Medicare surtax on wages on self-employment income.
  3. Can I borrow money from my retirement account- Tax Blog If you want an easy to read blog on the differences between types of retirements plans, the maximum amount you can borrow from a qualified retirement plan and some of the major drawbacks of doing so, this is it. This blog laid out all of these critical details including deductibility rules and more.
  4. Gift Planning for the second half of 2012 a Tremendous Opportunity- Tax Blog The second half of this year was a busy time especially in the tax world. This blog outlined the unique opportunity available for individuals to complete certain gift and estate tax planning under the current set of gift tax rules before the availability to do so expired.
  5. What is an Internal Control- Mission Matters Blog This was one of Frank Monti’s most recent articles that explained what an internal control is and some of the myths surrounding them. Frank helps to outline how to design an appropriate internal control and how to set up policies and procedures to make sure your controls are as effective as possible.
  6. Using form 990 Cost Allocation To Calculate Your NFP Success- Mission Matters Blog This blog makes the quirky connections between baseball’s on base percentage (OBP) statistic and how it can be applied to the nonprofit world. Fun and exciting as always, Frank Monti addresses detailed concepts in a lighthearted and easy to understand way.
  7. Year End Tax Planning Should I Sell My Securities Before Year End? – Tax Blog Dave Shuman’s blog was written in response to major concerns about year-end tax planning specifically the sale of securities. With the personal tax rate increase on the horizon for 2013 this left a lot of our clients asking us what they should do about their appreciated securities and if they should sell them before year-end.
  8. Yet More Lease Accounting- Mission Matters Blog Lease accounting is a complex topic. This blog helps focus the blurry line between renting and owning property and how important this concept is to lease accounting.
  9. Legislature Proposes to Extend Sales Tax on Services- Tax Blog This blog outlined a list of affected services of the Rhode Island State Budget Bill that was submitted to the General Assembly for consideration for the July 1, 2012 fiscal year.
  10. Identity Theft and Tax Refunds – IRS Issues Notices - Tax Blog John Surrette gives an overview of the notices issued by the IRS as well as a few precautionary ways to avoid identity theft.

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