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New LinkedIn Profile Changes

January 14, 2013

An overview of the latest LinkedIn profile updates.

You may already have noticed changes in your LinkedIn profile and more changes are coming. In the third quarter of 2012, LinkedIn rolled out the latest version of profiles and has been making updates to company pages. Many profiles have already been changed over to the new format that includes a number of new features.

LinkedIn’s updates are right in line with the trend of visual marketing, the newest breakout in late 2012. People and the social platforms they use are moving towards more visual communication than ever before. Below is an overview of some of the updates:

  • A rich visual design: This means a larger personal profile photo and an increased focus on your connections pictures rather than names. The homepage has also been changed to highlight your connections’ activity.
  • Easier way to engage with your network: LinkedIn has made it easier to see what your network is up to and engage with them right from your personal profile - it’s all about sharing and interacting.
  • Summary section is now much more prominent: Because of the reduced size of the top box (what I often refer to as the “snap shot box”), your summary is now above the fold (you don’t need to scroll down your page to see it); thus more important, especially the first few sentences.
  • Endorse skills and expertise (the equivalent to a Facebook ‘Like’): LinkedIn now allows contacts to endorse your skills and expertise right on your profile, adding credibility to you and your work.
  • Ease of navigation: Your connections recent activity is now at the top of your profile.
  • Real time notifications: LinkedIn will alert you when someone likes you, shares your content accepts your invitation etc.

You may notice certain information is no longer easy to find:

  • Website addresses: These addresses were included in your “snap shot box” (you were allowed to list up to three), but now they are hidden in your contact information section.
  • The number of recommendations: the full overview of your work and educational experience are no longer prominently displayed on you profile.

Company pages have gotten a facelift as well (Check out the KLR page)

  • Banner image: Company pages are mimicking Facebook’s cover photo and now allows your company to show its personality. Added bonus, it’s clickable, which means you can link this back to your website.
  • Career section: it’s now easier than ever to view opportunities.
  • Increased visibility: Company updates are now front and center on your homepage wall.
  • Company information is easier to find. The “About Us” section is located on the home page and the services tab makes it easier for people to learn more about what you do.

If your profile is not in the new format yet, here is an example of what the new LinkedIn profile will look like.

The new design changes demonstrate LinkedIn’s commitment to providing their users with more social functionality. This new social environment encourages interaction with your network and helps stay on top of what they are doing. If you would like to learn more, please contact Ashley Levesque at

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