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Rebuilding your Workforce Post COVID-19

May 12, 2020

Your workforce will face many challenges as we gradually return to the office after the COVID-19 crisis…so how can you be sure your organization can weather the storm? Our recent webinar sheds light on this and more.

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced countless changes to our normal routines, and has changed our workforce for probably years to come. So, how can businesses prepare to gradually return to the office as personnel changes will likely present hiring challenges and opportunities unlike any we’ve seen before? You’ll want to watch our recent webinar if you missed it, “Rebuilding Your Workforce: Stronger, Better and More Agile,” hosted by our sister company, Envision Technology Advisors.

Here’s an inside look at what the webinar addresses:

After the pandemic your business will likely have to address the following:

  • How will you sift through the massive field of unemployed applicants that will need jobs?
    -Using an applicant tracking system that will have some AI capability to screen out individuals that do not meet the minimum qualifications. Knockout questions, degree requirements, etc.
    -Implement video interviews for the first round of pre-screening
  • How will you vet qualifications and ensure that your hires aren’t false-starts?
    -Using a behavioral assessment along with behavioral interviewing will help to ensure that the recruiter/hiring manager has done the appropriate due diligence.
    -Potentially hire individuals on a temporary to regular basis to ensure adequate time to evaluate skills.
  • How will you handle employees asking to be remote full-time?
    -We have had the capability to allow employees to work remote and were able to put it into full force during the pandemic. Managers, after working for almost eight weeks with remote teams, have seen that it is very successful and I believe that it will be part of the new normal.
  • How will you manage morale and culture with a more distributed workforce?
    -The use of collaborative technology, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype will allow teams to stay virtually connected. We will need to institute employee engagement surveys and some other virtual events to ensure morale stays high.
    -Weekly town halls have kept the workforce engaged and informed.
    -Monthly virtual networking game/events with peers has kept our departments’ morale up during a remote working environment.

We address this and more in a panel discussion with KLR’s Chief Human Resource Officer, Christine Scarafoni, Envision’s Founder and CEO, Todd Knapp and Creative Services Inc’s In-House Counsel Kellie O’Shea.

Watch here: Rebuilding Your Workforce: Stronger, Better and More Agile.

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