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Top 10 Tips for Dynamic Communication

November 01, 2012

Focusing, delivering and speaking with power.

KLR’s recent Women’s Business Exchange event with Dr. Barbara Tannenbaum focused on strengthening communication styles in order to speak with impact and become a more powerful influencer. We have taken her best (and our favorite) tips from Dr. Tannenbaum’s session and outlined them for you below.

  • We cannot not communicate…. all speaking is public speaking!
  • The bad habits we have when we present, we have in every day communication. It is more effective to work on them in less consequential situations.
  • A presentation is a conversation, not a performance.
  • Always consider your goal and your audience.
  • Speak to your audience’s values and beliefs.
  • Establish your credibility early
  • Think in terms of: 60/30/10 – Non-verbal (including visuals)/Vocal/ Message content. Maximize each, recognizing the disproportionate impact of the non-verbal elements.
  • Take up space!
  • Use strong language- avoid unnecessary apologies, qualifying words, and rising inflections at the end of statements.
  • End with a big gymnast finish.

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The KLR Women CPA’s Business Exchange Group reinforces the firm’s ongoing strategy to retain the best and brightest talent in the industry and connects successful women business leaders. As one of the largest accounting firms in New England, KLR recognizes that a commitment to women is a commitment to excellence. Professionals in this group have experience in tax, audit, wealth management, executive recruiting, business valuation and consulting in a variety of industries.

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