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Congress Releases Final Proposal on Tax Reform

December 18, 2017

It looks like the tax bill is in its final sprint across the finish line. The House and Senate have come to a final proposal on tax reform, which will be voted on some time this week.

Late Friday, House and Senate Republicans struck a final deal on a tax bill, joining together their respective bills in the next step to overhaul the U.S. tax system. We expect votes in the House and Senate to take place this week. In the meantime, we wanted to provide you with an overview of what’s included in the combined bill.

What is included in the combined bill?

To find out what’s included in the combined bill read our previous blog “House and Senate Reach Compromise on Tax Reform”.

As more information develops in Washington, of course we will keep you updated. Once the official bill has been passed, we will provide you with a complete overview of the changes in a webinar.

For further information or any questions, please contact us.

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