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Connecticut 2015 Tax Free Week – August 16th- 22nd

August 11, 2015

Is your list of back-to-school necessities growing by the minute? Head to CT during their tax free week to save on clothing and footwear purchases!

August 16-22 is looking like a good time for Connecticut shoppers to stock up on clothes and shoes as the state will be hosting its annual tax free week at this time.

What purchases are tax-exempt?

All CT shoppers will be entitled to tax free purchases of clothing and footwear. Each individual item must be under $100 in order to save on the state’s 6.35% sales tax rate. All the same exemptions from last year apply to this year’s tax free week, though the threshold is reduced from $300 to $100 for 2015. Like last year and previous years, taxes will still be assessed on purchases of athletic uniforms and protective gear, even if they are $100 or less.

Although you might want to head to Massachusetts for a wider range of tax free eligible purchases during their tax free weekend, you have more time to save in CT with their week long tax free holiday. The week long holiday makes it much easier to hit multiple stores and rack up savings at many different places- every little bit counts!

Learn more about the Massachusetts Tax Free Weekend.

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