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European Commission Proceeds with Proposed Tax Transparency Package

May 26, 2015

The European Commission has proposed a tax transparency package which will go beyond the mandatory exchange of cross-border tax rulings.

The European Commission (EC) is continuing efforts to tackle corporate tax evasion in the European Union (EU) with a proposed tax transparency package that would require, among other things, a quarterly exchange of information on cross-border tax rulings between EU member states.

The EC’s plan

The EC is working on an action plan to:

  • Eliminate tax practices that are unfair to competition such as companies relying on complex tax rules and poor cooperation among EU member states to shift around profits and reap unfair tax benefits.
  • Create a transparent and predictable single market for corporate tax purposes.

For more information about the plan and what to expect in the future, read our article: “EC Proposes Tax Transparency”.

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