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Factors to Consider When Evaluating A Roth IRA Conversion Strategy

December 04, 2012

Variables to consider before deciding to go forward.

While the Roth conversion strategy may be a good idea for you, there are several variables to consider before deciding to go forward. For instance, you should factor in:

  1. Expectations about future rates of return on your Roth IRA investments;
  2. Expectations about future tax rates;
  3. Expectations about whether—and when—you might need to withdraw money to pay for retirement; and
  4. Where you will get the cash to pay the conversion tax bill

This is not necessarily a complete list of factors but you can talk to any member of our tax services team about the Roth conversion opportunity.

KLR’s tax professionals are CPAs and attorneys who have specialized training and experience in the Boston market place in all matters of Federal, State and Local Tax Issues. They have expertise in tax strategies for individuals and families, estate gift & trust services, voluntary disclosure issues, transfer pricing, M&A assistance, cost segregation studies and research & development tax credits. KLR is one of the top 100 accounting firms in the nation.

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