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How Much Can You Save with R&D Tax Credits?

May 07, 2013

R&D Tax Credits can increase cash flow, reduce your tax liability and improve ROI. Learn more about what the cash benefits of the credit can mean for your company.

The R&D Tax Credits can be used by many different companies in a wide range of sizes and industries. Many of our clients have obtained substantial cash benefits from this tax credit program.

For over a decade, KLR has helped our clients take advantage of hundreds of thousands in tax credits each year. The chart below represents actual tax savings that KLR has helped our clients achieve:

Type of FirmRevenueFederal & State Tax Credits
Communication Equipment Manufacturer$9,800,000 $54,900
Medical Device Manufacturer$11,300,000$114,600
Infant Product Designers$46,800,000$176,500
Wood Composite Manufacturer$60,300,000$194,700
Coated Fabrics Manufacturer$80,600,000$657,800

Our goal is to help you recoup and reduce tax dollars paid to the IRS by identifying “Qualified Research Expenditures,” which include:

  • Employee wages
  • Supply costs
  • Sub Contractor costs

Complementary Analysis

KLR’s R&D Credit team can help your company identify qualified research activity, quantify associated costs, properly document research expenses and calculate the credit. Even in situations where companies have already been claiming some R&D credits on past income tax returns, KLR has very often been successful in generating additional credits by performing a more detailed analysis of a company’s qualifying activities. Receive a complementary analysis of your company’s R&D Tax Credit qualifications today.

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