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QuickBooks Phishing Scam Targets Small Businesses

February 20, 2017

Attention QuickBooks users—new phishing scam with subject line “QuickBooks Support: Change Request”—be on guard when opening or clicking emails and links!

The Better Business Bureau has warned users of a new email phishing scam targeting Intuit’s QuickBooks accounting software users.

What does the scam look like?

Beware of emails with the subject line, “QuickBooks Support: Change Request”

This phony email claims to be a confirmation from Intuit that your company has changed its name in the software, and contains a hyperlink that the recipient can click on to cancel the change request. This link directs recipients to a site that downloads malware to their device, allowing cybercriminals to capture passwords and other personal information from a device.

If you know you did not request such a change, be wary of opening or clicking any suspicious emails or links.

Quick Tips—spotting a phishing scam

  1. Check the reply email- is it a slight variation of the company or employee name?
  2. Hover over the links—Make sure a link points to the correct domain, not a slight variation. Scammers are sneaky—check every letter!
  3. Exercise caution if you receive an email from someone who usually only contacts you by phone—it could be a scam artist!
  4. Watch out for generic emails containing little or no specific information about your business.

Even if an email does not contain any of these common phishing indicators, always be on guard, and check with your technology people before opening or clicking links if you are even a little bit suspicious.

Questions? Contact any member of our Information Security Services Team.

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