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Jillian Gaffga

Intern Spring & Fall 2023

Giving back to the community has always been ingrained in Jill’s spirit, and she knew her future workplace needed to match her philanthropic values. As a current intern returning in fall 2023, Jill is grateful for the opportunity to participate in KLR’s annual Day of Service, where she was able to meet many new people and make an impact on the community.

Why did you choose KLR for you internship?

Taylor Bulis, a fellow Salve graduate, who works as an audit associate in Boston, worked with me at my previous internship. When she started her internship at KLR she told me all about the firm. What stuck out to me was how different KLR seemed compared to the Big 4. Eight months into my internship it’s clear that at KLR you’re viewed as more than just a number. That’s really important to me!

What is the office culture like at KLR?

It is a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Since the other interns are right next to me, it’s easy to just ask someone to be the second set of eyes on a project I’m working on. It’s fun to troubleshoot and work out things together. Throughout my internship, we’ve been able to accomplish little milestones together.

I’m such a big culture person—I value that sense of community in a workplace. There’s always someone to talk to here. It’s nice to take a break from work and walk around or grab a coffee with someone. I really appreciate the work-life balance.

What is a typical day like for you as a KLR intern?

I typically come in and go through emails and reach out to buddy/coach to see if they need help with something. I’m usually working on foot and ties, accounts payable and cash testing. My buddy Emily will often sit with me to show me more extensive parts of the audits she’s working on, and I’ve had the opportunity to go to several clients to help with testing and shadow associates.

Does KLR have a mentor program?

Yes, all interns are assigned a “buddy” (audit/tax associate) and a “coach” (audit/tax supervisor). My buddy Emily is always super helpful and willing to sit and work with me. She assigns me things that are both straightforward and challenging. There’s never been a day where I have nothing to do—I’m always learning. It’s nice to have Emily’s perspective—we both moved away from home for college/work so it’s helpful to see how she’s adjusted—it’s nice to have someone to relate to.

My coach Gabi will often stop by my desk and encourage me to take a break and go on a coffee run with her. If Emily and Gabi are both in meetings and I can’t get in touch with them, there is always someone else willing to help—everyone is just so welcoming here.

Are there opportunities to give back at KLR?

I love community service and giving back--I’ve always been like that. I knew I needed my internship to match those values. Not only do KLR team members serve on boards and committees for nonprofit organizations, they also participate in quarterly days of service, charity walks, food drives and more. When I learned about KLR’s Making an Impact volunteer team, I knew I had to be part of it. I had the opportunity to participate in the Rhode Island Day of Service, I knew I had to participate. I spent the day at Hockomock YMCA stocking their food pantry and helping organize—it was not only meaningful, but so much fun to come together for a great cause. I had the opportunity to meet so many people, from partners to managers.

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