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Lauren Wilmot

Intern Spring 2023 | Fall 2023

As a hands-on learner, Lauren was seeking an internship that would allow her to make that transition from student to professional. As a current intern returning in fall 2023, Lauren is so grateful for the opportunity to be “thrown right into the mix,” learning everything from testing to software to inventory counts. Learn more about Lauren’s experience and why the environment at KLR has helped her grow and succeed.

Why did you choose KLR for you internship?

Taylor Bulis, who is now an audit associate at KLR, came to Accounting Night at Salve to share her experience as a KLR intern/Salve alum. It was super helpful to hear her perspective and more details about the day to day work as an accountant. All of my professors really encouraged me to seek an internship as the best way to really get a feel for the profession is to dive right in. I’m really thankful I found KLR!

What is the culture like at KLR?

It’s a really collaborative environment which I’m really grateful for. I have found it super helpful to sit near other interns, to bond and bounce ideas off each other. Even though we switch between audit and tax throughout our internship, there is always someone nearby, whether that’s an intern or associate who can help me figure something out.

What is a typical day like as a KLR intern?

I start my day by touching base with my buddy, Andrew, and my coach, Nick, to see what projects they need help with. Whether I’m learning the ins and outs of the software, rolling binders, or testing, there’s always something to do!

I’ve also had the opportunity to shadow associates at clients. My favorite experience was going to one of our manufacturing clients. The controller gave us a tour of the factory which was an awesome opportunity to see the ins and outs of a manufacturing business. I had the chance to do some hands-on work on the accounting side of things, too, which was really interesting.

How does your internship differ from what you are learning in the classroom?

While my classes at Salve are great, it’s that on-the-job experience that really, really helps. Being thrown into all sorts of different projects throughout my internship has been invaluable. My internship reinforces the concepts I am learning in the classroom.

What is the best part about your internship?

At KLR, interns have a whole floor to go to for help, which you can’t get everywhere. That’s what really stands out to me—everyone is helpful and welcoming.

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