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Matt Meinertz

Intern Spring 2023 | Hired 2024

Matt has always wanted to be an accountant, and his internship at KLR has only made this clearer. As a returning intern starting full time in January 2024, Matt has learned so much during his time at KLR and is excited for the opportunities that await him. Find out why KLR is the best place for Matt to shine and grow in his career.

Why did you choose KLR for you internship?

I grew up in Rhode Island and my dad is actually a KLR client, and mentioned how much he loves working with the firm, so he encouraged me to talk to them at Bryant’s career fair. Speaking with Rachel and Sky made me excited to learn more about KLR’s intern program. I’m so thankful I decided to take the leap!

What is the culture like at KLR?

It’s really nice to have Max and other interns nearby. Since we’re all together, we’re able to bounce questions off each other as they come up. I’ve had other internships where I was the only intern or left to complete projects on my own. It makes all the difference to be surrounded by other interns who are in the same boat as me!

What is a typical day like for your as a KLR intern?

To start, I’ll usually touch base with my buddy, Jason (audit associate) to get a handle on what he needs help with that day, whether it be rolling a binder, helping with a client’s inventory count or helping with a lease project. Since I start as an audit associate in January of 2024 (after I get my Master of Science in Accounting), it’s really helpful to work closely with Jason and see his perspective on things. I’ll be in his shoes next year, so it’s great to get an inside look at his day-to-day responsibilities.

How does your internship at KLR stand out from other internships you have done?

I’ve had other internships where it felt like there was nowhere to grow, and I didn’t have a chance to meet many people. Everyone at KLR is welcoming and friendly, and it’s so helpful and reassuring to have other interns working closely beside me. Even though I’m “only an intern” everyone treats me like a professional here, and I’ve always felt like part of the team.

Going out to clients has also been a highlight. I was able to shadow another audit associate, Ben at a client recently. It was really cool to see firsthand how an inventory count is done—I learned a lot and the hands on experience really made a difference.

What has been your favorite firm event?

I attended the Summit this past fall which was an awesome event. I didn’t realize how big KLR is until I saw everyone gathered at Gillette together! I learned a lot about the company and had the chance to meet a lot of people. I’m really thankful for that opportunity.

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