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Max Paolino

Intern Spring 2023 | Hired 2023

Whether he’s on the track field or testing cash balances, Max prides himself on his strong work ethic and determination. As a full time student athlete, Max was seeking an internship that would give him hands on experience and career growth opportunities. He found all that and more at KLR.

Why did you choose KLR for you internship?

I met Nyree and a few other KLR colleagues at Assumption’s college fair. Everyone at the KLR booth was so friendly—that really stood out to me. I could tell that KLR’s work environment and culture reflected that. Everyone was super nice and helpful in the application process, which isn’t always the case.

What is the culture like at KLR?

It’s a really friendly environment in the office. I love KLR’s open door policy—everyone is always willing and able to help, whether that’s answering a simple question or just to chat. Sitting next to other interns is incredibly helpful. Often times we’re tasked with the same things, so it’s nice to collaborate with people nearby. Just having others around to talk through simple questions makes all the difference.

Who trains interns? Are there mentors?

Every intern is assigned a “buddy” (audit/tax associate) and a “coach” (audit/tax supervisor). This makes all the difference. Sammy and Gabi helped me so much as I transitioned from student to intern. It’s nice to know they’re there. I sit right next to Sammy and he’s always receptive of my questions.

Do KLR Internships lead to job offers?

Yes, they do —my buddy and coach started as interns which was very inspiring to me. From the very start of my internship, I was “thrown right into the mix”—I never felt insignificant and I was never assigned “busy work”. Every day brings something new. I’ve had countless opportunities to grow as a professional here—I’m very thankful for that.

I’m very proud to have accepted a full time role at KLR—my future starts here!

Have you had the opportunity to participate in firm events? If so, what was your experience like?

The Summit was great! I had only been at KLR for a few months so it was a great opportunity to meet people, especially those in different offices. It was interesting to hear more about KLR’s beginnings, too.

Fun things like the Accounting Olympics pop up periodically, too. I was happy to participate this year and bond with other interns and associates and get to know people from a bunch of different firms as well. As an athlete, stuff like that is right up my alley!

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