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Webinar: Technology as a Deflationary Force in an Inflationary Economy

Don't miss KLR's Director of Enterprise Solutions, Anthony Mangiarelli and our affiliate, Envision Technology Advisors CEO Todd Knapp for an interactive Q&A webinar with host and Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce President Laurie White.

Anthony and Todd will discuss the economic forces and trends at work, talk through technology solutions that business professionals should consider, and share the successes of companies that took a forward-looking approach despite deeply uncertain economic times.

Most experts agree that we’re headed for a recessive period. At the same time, the cost of living, goods, and transportation is inflating at rates that rival any prior point in history. On a micro scale, there are opportunities for organizations to combat this by leveraging automation, adopting consumer engagement toolsets, and finding efficiencies that enable growth without increasing overhead. Long-term solutions for macro-level issues require a technology-centric conversation as well.

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