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Webinar: The Changing Role of HR in a Post-COVID-19 World

As organizations embrace the "Distributed Workforce" model as part of their new normal, the role of HR professionals will change dramatically. In a post-COVID-19 world, we will experience both hiring challenges and opportunities, unlike any our generation has ever seen. Some of the issues that HR teams will have to deal with include:

  • How will you sift through the massive field of unemployed applicants that will need jobs?
  • People will be more likely to "pad" their resumes or even outright lie on them in a market that's flooded with candidates. How will you vet qualifications and ensure that your hires aren't false-starts?
  • Will having better technology for agile workers enable you to hire in new geographies beyond where your current offices are located?
  • How will you handle it when some employees start asking to be remote full-time, now that they've shown that it's possible?
  • How will you manage morale and culture with a more distributed workforce?

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