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What Nonprofit Board Members Need to Know About Cybersecurity - Webinar

As the world becomes more interconnected in the digital realm, organizations of all sizes are facing a growing menace in the form of cyber threats. Nonprofit board members, in particular, bear the fiduciary responsibility of overseeing the management, sustainability, and strategic direction of their organizations.

To safeguard against these emerging risks posed by cyber vulnerabilities, embracing robust cybersecurity measures is paramount for nonprofit boards. Join Sandy Ross, KLR’s Nonprofit Practice Partner and Jay Longley, Envision’s Senior Consultant in our upcoming webinar, where we will explore essential cybersecurity best practices tailored specifically to empower nonprofit board members. Your participation is a vital step towards safeguarding your organization's mission, impact, and sustainability in the digital age.

Key Takeaways Include:

  • Emerging regulations and what they mean for your organization
  • The changing landscape of donor, vendor and grantor requirements impacting nonprofit organizations
  • Questions from clients and how the regulations are changing as it pertains to cybersecurity and the personal risk to Board Members.
  • Cyber security best practices including tools/technology available to protect nonprofit organizations and their board members against devastating cyberattacks.
  • Available grant opportunities that will help fund projects to strengthen the nonprofit’s cyber and data security capabilities.

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