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A wise person once said, “You don’t build a business. You build people and then people build the business.”


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Kathleen Leavenworth

Content Coordinator/ Journalist

As KLR Managing Director Alan Litwin addressed colleagues at our annual firm summit this past November, he shared information on the firm’s success and our commitment to innovation, stressing that none of this would be possible without our team.

As Alan puts it, “Our people are our foundation.”

For the past several years KLR and sister company, Envision Technology Advisors have gathered as a team every fall to hear from dynamic speakers, engage in exciting group discussions, and build relationships with colleagues across all departments.

The Summit has become So Much More than simply a firm-wide conference or day out of the office. Through the years it has become something colleagues look forward to each year, and something that builds momentum for success throughout the year. “We are committed to building a workplace where employees not only feel appreciated and inspired to do their best, but also feel a strong sense of belonging,” Alan says.

And….it works… Envision colleague and first time summit attendee Megan Kurose says,

“As a new employee, it was a great experience to be able to meet so many colleagues. The nature of the event itself fostered a feeling of collaboration and really encouraged all to interact with one another in a way that we are not normally used to.”

One of the main goals of every Summit is to build relationships. Colleagues are challenged every year to speak to colleagues they don’t see on a day to day basis, or have maybe never met.

“It’s really nice to put faces to names in a day where e-mail is our main way of communicating.,” KLR marketing associate Kathleen says, “It’s nice to walk away from each Summit knowing more people than you did when you walked in.”

The team building and social sessions are an important part of our day and allow relationships to be developed in a more informal atmosphere. In the past, Summit attendees have been able to bond through Minute-to-Win-it style games, scavenger hunts, a golden ticket giveaway and even a Shark Tank innovation challenge.

As small business supervisor Rebekah says, “You never know what’s in store when you arrive at Gillette Stadium for the annual Summit. I’m always excited as every part of the day is carefully thought out, informative and entertaining! This year I was one of the lucky winners of the KLR Wealth golden ticket giveaway, which was an awesome surprise!”

Although each year brings something new, colleagues can depend on a few things every year—insightful presentations, awesome gifts to take home, individual and group recognition, CPE credits, delicious food (including the famous Gillette potato chips!) and of course, catching up with colleagues, old and new.

Where do those CPE credits come in? Well, every Summit focuses on a broader theme, something relevant to where we’re heading and how we can strengthen our business. This year, we focused on change and how we can better embrace it in the workplace. Colleagues had the opportunity to hear from Chris DeSantis, an organizational behavior practitioner who focuses on helping businesses improve productivity by embracing generational differences, change, leadership development and more.

We closed the day with a presentation from Envision’s CEO—our good friend Todd Knapp who shared how technology will shape the future—both in our personal and professional lives.

As KLR strives to be a “firm of the future,” the different presentations we’ve had the opportunity to hear through the years have helped the firm move in a strategic direction. Our 2017 Summit, for example, spurred the creation of our “Waves of Innovation” Committee, through which all colleagues can submit their great ideas on how business can be improved. Todd’s presentation this year prompted the creation of our upcoming “Tech Week”—an educational presentation circuit through which Todd will help businesses and individuals adapt to the changes new and disruptive technologies will bring.

Both KLR and Envision have grown and adapted to the times with a continued focus on innovation and collaboration….but we recognize that growth is an ongoing process, one that must be nurtured on a daily basis.

As the Summit pointed out, however…our team is in a great place to do just that.

After all, “Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

We have nowhere to go but UP….and we know that amazing things are in store for our successful team.

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