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How likely are our clients to recommend KLR to a friend or colleague?


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Kathleen Leavenworth

Content Coordinator/ Journalist

Client loyalty is the lifeblood of any business. Over the years we have had the privilege of serving our clients, anticipating their needs, growing and changing with them. Their success is what inspires us to work with fearless drive and fuels our passion for excellence. Recently we set out to gather feedback from clients on one simple question, but what we got was so much more.

Net Promoter Score

We surveyed our clients using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) metric to help us determine how successfully we deliver on our promise to nurture and value each and every client relationship. It tells us what we do well, what we excel at even, and just as important (if not, more)--what we need to improve. We are truly humbled and inspired by our clients’ honest and candid responses about what makes KLR stand out.

The NPS is a client loyalty metric that is based on our clients’ answers to one simple question—“How likely are you to recommend KLR to a friend or colleague?” After all, no one knows what the clients need better than the clients themselves.

High Marks

We received a score of 83%, which defines our firm as world class when it comes to client satisfaction. The average NPS in the accounting industry is 28%.

High marks for KLR
High marks for KLR

So, what makes us most valuable to our clients?—our passionate people, our responsiveness and our expertise....their words, not ours.

Passionate People

In their words.... “The firm representatives actively listen and are engaged in conversations. They walked me through the whole process.”

Our first ingredient in superior client service is our people. We truly believe that “our people are our best asset,” and when asked an additional question in the NPS survey, “What did we do really well?” an overwhelming number of clients felt the same way about our team.

On one engagement, an individual answered this question quite candidly, “You have Erica,” he said. Others mention our “strong staff,’ the fact that we are professional to a fault, and, simply put, that we always follow through.

Timely Response

In their words....“Communications are excellent.”

Responsiveness is a key factor in sustaining a relationship—personal or business related. Not much can be done without open and receptive communication. We value our clients’ time greatly, and always strive to be time-conscious with our communications....and evidently, our efforts have been successful.

“KLR always responds quickly to my questions. Lines of communication are always open.”

Knowledge that delivers

In their words.... “Top-notch accounting service and attention to detail”

We know that our clients need a firm with not just the capability to provide tax, audit and business consulting, but the expertise to do it well. We are so pleased that we were able to deliver on that need. As one client puts it,

“The KLR team has both a clear understanding of various regulations and standards, AND our specific needs, too.”

Our work is not done

We know our business will not run solely on the acclamations of our clients—not every client could rate us as a “10”.

Fortunately only 4% of our clients rated us under 10, however, we cannot rest on our laurels--we know that we must draw inspiration from their suggestions and find new ways to improve. After all, we conducted this survey to serve our clients better, and that’s exactly what we intend to do.

For now we will value the fact that, as one client puts it,

“Knowledgeable, prompt and courteous service is what [you] do best.”

Our continued success will rest on the fact that our people are evidently our best asset, and that we continually “perform as promised.” Our setbacks will guide us into a more successful future, and our clients’ feedback will remind us to continually hold ourselves to a higher standard. After all, “The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more.”

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