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Our Complimentary Accounting Department Assessment

consists of:

  • Short Questionnaire - Tell us about your current monthly financial reporting procedures, revenue and accounts receivables, inventory, payroll, and other financial processes. Your responses will help our team assess the current capabilities of your accounting department.
  • Analysis & Suggestions - Based on your responses, our team will identify your most urgent needs and formulate suggestions to address them effectively.
  • Review - During a complimentary 1-hour call with Tony Boschetto, Partner at KLR Outsourcing, you'll receive a review of staffing and accounting recommendations to help you build a team for success.

Start Your Assessment Today!

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Your information is for KLR's internal use only. We will never share or sell your data.

"Jon was instrumental in helping refine our accounting processes so that I could focus on running my business."

Andrew Everleigh, Owner & CEO, Environmental Pools Inc.

Proven Success

Environmental Pools experiences a 20% increase in profits- ($20 million to $24 million) after working with KLR Outsourcing

KLR Outsourcing helped with goal setting, forecasting and automating accounting processes saving them significant time and resources by utilizing bots and AI. We helped them develop a system of applying cost of labor to individual jobs which previously took 26 steps (10 minutes) to do manually. With the bot it’s done in one step, in a matter of seconds and saves over 16 hours per month in labor, and $1,200 per month in time savings.

Need More Proof? Read the full case study  

Whether you’re looking to outsource your entire finance and accounting function, augment your existing team, or transform your current approach, we can help.

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