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CMO and CFO/COO Named to KLR Partner Group

February 06, 2017

KLR is pleased to name June Landry and Christopher Mordas Partner

KLR’s First Non-CPAs Named Partner

KLR, a premier accounting and business advisory firm is pleased to name June Landry and Christopher Mordas Partner effective January 1, 2017. KLR's innovative thinking, client-focused determination & true business minded entrepreneurs round out their partner group with the addition of their Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Financial Officer.

With the addition of the new 2017 Partners, the overall number of female partners employed by KLR has doubled.

"We are very excited about the addition of these two executives to the Partner group," said Alan Litwin, KLR's Managing Director. "From the beginning, June and Chris have been dedicated to the Firm as a whole. They are true ambassadors for KLR and are pillars of dedication, integrity and teamwork.”

“June’s contributions have been invaluable and she exemplifies so many of the wonderful qualities of our Firm," said Michael Tousignant, Shareholder and Executive VP. "Her innovative thinking and vision will continue to enhance the strategic direction, growth, and profitability of KLR.”

"Chris is a strong business partner," said Alan Litwin, Managing Director. "His experience and knowledge will be instrumental as we continue to execute on our strategy by enhancing our infrastructure and further growing our business.”

“We are fortunate to work with Partners that welcome new ideas, think outside the box and focus on activities that support our clients' and colleagues success,” said June Landry. "KLR always has the best interest of our clients and colleagues in mind when bringing leadership together to assist with running the firm,” added Christopher Mordas.

“Our Shareholders are proud that at KLR we have the depth of talent and the right leaders in place who can step up when opportunities become available,” added Alan Litwin.

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