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KLR Announces Promotion of Six Shareholders

January 14, 2015

KLR, a premier accounting and business advisory firm is pleased to announce the promotion of six Principals to Shareholders of the firm.

Ensuring Quality and Superior Client Service

KLR, a premier accounting and business advisory firm is pleased to announce the promotion of six Principals to Shareholders of the firm. Effective January 1, 2015, the 6 new shareholders, located in KLR offices throughout New England, are: Laura H. DaLomba, David M. Desmarais, Loree Dubois, Meyer H. Levy, Anthony J. Mangiarelli, and John E. Surrette, Jr.

"We are very excited about the addition of these new shareholders," said Alan Litwin, KLR's Managing Director. “Our firm continues to grow as a result of our constant focus on preparing our next generation of leaders. We look to each of these new shareholders to help ensure the quality of our work and to their steadfast commitment to providing superior service to our clients.”

Why they became Shareholders . . . .

Laura H. Yalanis - “I am excited to join the shareholder ranks at KLR. The firm’s commitment to expanded growth through unique service offerings and industry specialization is a tribute to our #1 priority, our clients. I’m proud to have lent a hand in bringing these unique offerings to my client base and look forward to future success in vetting new and innovative ideas that bring value to our clients!”

David M. Desmarais - “Having previously been a Partner in both a regional accounting firm and a national accounting firm, I understand the responsibility that comes with the title. Helping to lead the firm in its growth and culture is an honor and a privilege, and a role not to be taken lightly. It’s our job to make sure our team provides truly outstanding service to all of our amazing clients.”

Loree Dubois – “I am very excited about this opportunity and being part of this growing firm’s leadership. I feel very lucky to have such a great staff and talent pool to work with every day. Our clients are in good hands, and I look forward to working with them well into the future guiding them through good (and not so good) times.”

Meyer H. Levy - “Becoming a shareholder at KLR is truly an honor and I am thrilled to be joining the shareholder group of such a wonderful firm. Since joining KLR in January 2009, my clients (our clients) have truly benefited from the services that KLR provides and the expertise received from the people at KLR. As a shareholder, I will not only continue to ensure we provide excellent client service, but strive to make clients’ lives better.”

Anthony J. Mangiarelli – “I am humbled to be a member of such an admirable group of new incoming KLR shareholders. I am overjoyed with being invited to join the shareholder group at KLR as it allows me the certainty that I will be able to continue to enjoy previously established business relationships as well as the opportunity to develop new ones throughout the New England business community. I have been fortunate to be a part of a team of talented professionals at KLR for many years and this new role will now allow me to assist leading the firm in our ongoing journey of providing unparalleled client service while developing and maintaining the most talented team members. Current and future clients should have the confidence and assurance that our firm will continuously evolve to insure we are here to service their needs.”

John E. Surrette Jr. - “Looking back to the first day I stepped into KLR’s office on Hope Street over 16 years ago as an intern, I remember thinking about how little I knew about accounting and was looking forward to learning what being a CPA and working for a CPA firm entailed. Now that I have become a shareholder, it gives me a great sense of pride thinking about all of the experiences I have had over the years (some better than others), and am eager to continue to help KLR and our clients grow over the next 16 years and beyond.”

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