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KLR Launches Manufacturing Survey

April 01, 2016

KLRs Manufacturing Survey will provide answers and insights

What are the best practices that will assist New England manufacturers to success? What are the critical issues for manufacturers?

KLRs Manufacturing Survey will provide answers and insights to these and other questions. The web-based survey launched on March 28th and can be accessed at Any New England manufacturing owners, CEOs or senior level executives are eligible to participate. Deadline for participation is April 14th 2016. Survey participants will receive a Manufacturing summary report after the results have been tabulated.

In effort to understand the issues facing the manufacturing industry, KLR is running a survey from March 28 – April 14th to determine manufacturers’ top concerns. The survey will reveal some of the most critical issues, such as expectations for the industry, the economy, overall performance and challenges. The end goal is to analyze emerging trends in a rapidly changing industry.

“Industry leaders know that manufacturing companies need to change if they are going to succeed,” said Paul Oliveira, Shareholder and Chair of KLRs Manufacturing Services Group. “We hope that this survey will provide information that will help manufacturers grow in the future.”

Survey results will be released this summer, and will be available to business leaders by visiting our website at

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