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KLR Leaders to Share Expertise in Panel Discussions

October 02, 2011

KLR Leaders Moderate Panels for Growing Businesses

Boston, MA - KLR is a recognized leader in Business Advisory services that will be represented in the upcoming President’s Forum on Thursday, October 6, 2011 at the Forefront Center for Meetings and Conferences, Waltham Massachusetts.

KLR leaders are slated to participate in two different panels on topics ranging from strategic growth to building a board of advisors. Managing Director Larry Kahn will be moderating “Building and Maintaining a Board of Advisors and Shareholder Ray Nute will be moderating the “Strategic Growth Initiatives during a Slow Growth Economy panel.

The panels will include:

Building and Maintaining a Board of Advisors

This panel will discuss the value of establishing an Advisory Board, and answer a business owner’s key questions including: How Advisory Boards are recruited and formed; What expectations should business owners have for Advisory Board members; How are Advisory Board meetings structured to achieve maximum effectiveness for the business owner; How to keep an Advisory board fresh and focused; and How are Advisory Board members compensated.

Strategic Growth Initiatives during a Slow Growth Economy

The panel is designed to discuss strategic growth initiatives such as joint ventures, strategic partnering, targeted acquisition strategies, and hiring strategic talent that brings skills and contacts to penetrate new market opportunities. The panel represents the types of professional advisors a business owner should assemble to form their strategic “team of advisors”. A skilled inventory team is required today to assist with a thoughtful consideration of all the options and methods to implement a strategy to achieve growth.

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