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KLR Wealth Management Launches ESG Investment Models

January 07, 2020

KLR Wealth Management, LLC, a leading Wealth Management Company in New England, has boosted its portfolio offering with the launch of its environmental, social and governance (ESG) investment models.

“Our goal is to help our clients achieve their long-term financial goals and match their money with their values,” said Peri Ann Aptaker, Managing Director, KLR Wealth Management, LLC. “By offering this option, we are providing our clients the opportunity to let their money reflect what really matters to them.”

What is ESG Investing?

Sometimes referred to as “socially responsible” or “sustainable” investing, ESG investing factors environmental, social and governance issues into investment decisions. Empirical studies have shown that there is a demonstrated link between ESG and corporate financial performance.

ESG factors

  • Environmental - Many investors want to support companies that perform as stewards of the natural environment. Environmental factors include climate change, energy efficiency, waste management, carbon emissions, air and water pollution, biodiversity and more.
  • Social - Investors value companies that manage relationships considerately with their employees, suppliers, customers and communities. Relevant considerations include supply chain management, human rights, health and safety, gender diversity, data protection/privacy and more.
  • Governance – This refers to how a company deals with leadership, audits and internal controls, executive pay and shareholder rights. Governance issues include lobbying, board composition, business ethics, executive compensation and more.

About KLR Wealth Management

KLR Wealth Management, LLC provides investment advisory services, financial planning, insurance, estate planning, retirement planning and other wealth management services. For more information about the KLR’s people and services, please visit

KLR Wealth Management, LLC is a sister company of KLR, a Top 100 firm in the country and one of the largest professional service providers in New England serving individuals and businesses with diverse needs across a spectrum of industries.

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