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Information Technology Audits and Assessments

An organization's Board of Directors, Audit Committee members and top executives look to information technology (IT) management for the effective oversight of IT. As technology continues to play an increased role, it is important to assess technology weaknesses and risks as they relate to an organization's objectives. An IT audit assists organizations in substantiating that the internal controls exist and are functioning as expected to minimize business risk.

Our KLR team includes experienced information technology auditors that help organizations understand controls by providing the following services:

  • General and Application Control Audits - General controls apply to all areas of the organization including the IT infrastructure and support services such as infrastructure configuration, change management and user access controls. Application controls refer to the computer-based application system and are specific to each application and look at the input, output and processing controls for each. KLR customizes its audit program to address each area, performs the examination and delivers value-added recommendations regarding areas for improvement and implementation of best practices.
  • IT Risk Assessments - Leveraging industry standard risk frameworks, KLR will identify IT control gaps to assist you in developing an IT risk management program.
  • Data Privacy Audits - Practically all states in the country have implemented data privacy and data breach laws. As organizations take measures to protect critical data (personal and corporate), they often don’t know where such data resides in their environment.

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