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Expat Tax Services - KLR International Tax Services Group

Are You A U.S. Expat Who Lives in Switzerland?

If you are an U.S. expat living in Switzerland we can help you with your U.S. tax filings, tax planning, and liaise with your Swiss tax advisor to minimize your worldwide tax burden.

Our team can help you understand your U.S. tax and reporting obligations, avoid common pitfalls for U.S. persons residing in Switzerland, and assist you with planning repatriation should you return to the U.S.

KLR's Swiss Expat Tax Services Include:

  • U.S. Tax Return Preparation (and U.S. states, if necessary)
  • U.S. Tax Filings for Swiss Corporations and Partnerships with U.S. Owners
  • U.S. Tax Filings for Foreign Trusts, Estates, and Gifts
  • Coordination and Harmonization with the Swiss Tax Declaration
  • Tax Planning and Entity Selection for Swiss Business Entities or Self-Employment
  • Prior Year Compliance Analysis, Delinquent Returns, and Streamlined Compliance Filings
  • Tax Planning for Expatriation or Green Card Surrender
  • U.S. Non-Resident Tax Return Preparation, W-8BEN with Treaty Withholding Positions
  • U.S. Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) Applications
  • U.S./Swiss Estate and Inheritance Tax Planning
  • Tax Equalization and Hypothetical Withholding Tax Calculations and Consulting
  • Advanced Calculations of the Potential Costs of Assignments, per Local Tax and Social Security regulations

KLR's International Tax Services group has a branch offices and staff in Lausanne and Geneva, Switzerland. We are backed by a dedicated, experienced team of professionals in the United States and a global network, LEA Global, with more than 18,000 accounting, tax and consulting professionals in more than 100 countries.

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