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4 Tips for Stronger Passwords

October 15, 2019

Is your password 12345? Time to change it! Check out our top tips for better password protection.

Securing your digital profile depends heavily on maintaining strong passwords. As our recent whitepaper, OWN IT, SECURE IT, PROTECT IT: 2019 Cybersecurity Update, points out, all too often individuals rely on passwords like “12345” and “qwerty” to secure their devices. It will take a hacker mere minutes to take advantage of your sensitive info with passwords like these!

Steps to effective password protection

Here are 4 steps to stronger password protection (check out our whitepaper for the full list!)

  1. Use special characters, but separate them. In other words, don’t bunch unique characters (!#@$*) together—space them out to make it harder to guess.
  2. Don’t store your passwords in your browser
  3. When you change your password, don’t simply add a letter or number to the old one
  4. Don’t reuse the same passwords across multiple accounts

Don’t forget to check out our whitepaper: OWN IT, SECURE IT, PROTECT IT: 2019 Cyber Update.

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