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How is the Coronavirus Impacting the Hiring Process?

December 01, 2020

During this challenging time, employers and candidates may need to allow for some flexibility and creativity in the hiring process. Here’s what we’re seeing.

Clearly the Coronavirus pandemic has the business world reeling in more ways than one. How do we continue moving forward in today’s uncertain employment market that is changing by the minute?

Working from home…easier said than done?

Workers who traditionally reported to an office are rapidly learning the challenges of working from home. The old saying, “be careful what you wish for,” comes to mind, as many corporate office dwellers are facing the reality of having their families and domestic duties being so close to our workplace. Although it is a great perk and a privilege to be able to earn a living in our sanitized home offices, creativity is needed to make things happen.

During this challenging time, employers and candidates may need to allow for some flexibility and creativity in hiring process. Here’s how some companies are coping.

Video and phone interviews

Many companies are opting to use video calls and phone interviews when face-to-face meetings are not a safe option. Interviews without the benefit of in-person eye contact and rapport may require some preparation to be successful. Employers and candidates should consider:

  • Writing down questions in advance,
  • Taking notes while still keeping eye contact,
  • Practice looking at the camera rather than the screen, and
  • Being cognizant of the background setting and noise factors.

Well-executed remote interviews may help streamline the interview process and showcase an employer’s ability to attract and engage candidates in a positive light.

Acknowledge potential distractions

It is important to make oneself familiar with the means of communication and prepare the other party for the call. Upon introduction, it is okay to acknowledge the elephant in the room, whatever it is. For example, some people may have children at home who may unexpectedly interrupt the conversation. Such potential distractions should be shared up front to avoid any awkward surprises. Hiring managers and job seekers alike are home now too, so being honest will humanize the situation, and perhaps provide a humorous moment in an otherwise serious discussion.

Employers may need to reevaluate hiring practices

There may be a natural tendency to assume the sudden economic downturn will automatically halt all hiring efforts. This need not be the case, as many employers remain ready and willing to proceed with their recruitment strategy, as planned. It is likely that the post-pandemic world will make some companies reevaluate their hiring practices. However, the fact remains that employers will always need to meet with top talent, even if those interviews take place at people’s respective homes, or at least from a safe 6+ foot distance apart.

Questions? Contact KLR Executive Search Group, LLC. Don’t forget to check out our Coronavirus Resource Center.

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