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Is Now the Right Time to Make a Career Change?

September 17, 2014

KLR Executive Search Group provides tips for a successful job switch

Thinking of leaving your current job? Whether you are dealing with low salary and benefits, issues with your boss, or generally unsatisfying work, a job switch could be largely beneficial for you in the long run.

How do I know if a job switch is the right choice?

If something is bothering you with your current job, analyze how extreme the problem is. If it is something arguably minor, like an issue with your boss, salary,or benefits, look to fix the problem rather than giving up and leaving. On the other hand, if it looks like there are no prospects for growth with your current job, and the company's mission doesn't have much meaning for you, a job switch might make more sense. Keep in mind that job offers can appear more attractive at the start- with short term promises for a specific location, title, and compensation package.

The Job Search

Once you have analyzed your need for a job switch, make sure your next job suits your needs more appropriately than the one you left. There are several things you can do during an interview to make sure that your next job meets your needs, like:

  • Ask why the job is available- Is there a problem with the job? What happened to the previous person in the role? Have many started and left? Is it an entirely new position?
  • Find out who your coworkers will be- Try to meet your potential coworkers or team members before you accept the job offer. After all, these are the people you'll be connecting with on a daily basis.
  • Understand the real purpose of the position- Find out the ultimate goals of this particular job, job expectations, resources available to you, and how important the job is in regard to the entire scope of the company. Find out how likely or willing the company is to change. Understand the company's mission statement and how honest it appears to be.
  • Get to know the manager- Determine what the manager's goals are for the department and the role you are applying for. Analyze the manager's leadership approach and make sure it coincides with yours.
  • Understand Growth Opportunities- It is important to have a good grasp of the growth opportunities at a particular company before accepting your position. This is something you should pay particular attention to if growth is important to you in your new position.

In order to ensure that your new job will meet your needs better than your old or current one, don't be too quick to accept an offer simply for the company's name or apparent benefits. A few months into this kind of job will put you back at square one. Take into account what your duties at this new job will be and who you will be working with and reporting to. Above all, make sure that this position matches your career aspirations and looks more promising than your previous job. Updating your LinkedIn profile might be beneficial- It can show companies that you are actively considering a job switch.

Leaving a job to start a new one is an intimidating process, but as long as you carefully analyze your needs and the company's capacity to fit your needs, you can ensure that you are making the best possible decision for yourself. In the market for a new position? We can help.

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