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Key Employee Departures: 3 Reasons to Consider an Interim Solution

November 06, 2023

When a key employee departs unexpectedly leaving the role vacant, it can lead to a significant loss of productivity. An interim solution could help. Learn more here.

Did a key employee recently depart your organization? Wondering how to keep operations running smoothly? An interim solution ensures that essential tasks continue to be managed, preventing disruptions that could impact the company's bottom line. Business continuity is vital, and interim candidates help maintain the status quo until a long-term solution is found.

Finding the right candidate takes time

Leaving the role open and asking others to “pick up the slack” increases the likelihood of additional turnover.

Recruiting and hiring the right permanent candidate is a process that demands careful consideration. Rushing this process to fill a critical role can lead to:

  • Long-term mismatches,
  • Increased turnover, and
  • Additional recruitment costs.

How interim candidates can help

Interim solutions buy the company time to conduct a well-executed search, ensuring that the chosen candidate is the best possible fit for the organization's culture, goals, and requirements.

New ideas: Sometimes, a position's requirements may evolve over time. An interim candidate with slightly different skills or experiences can bring fresh perspectives and new ideas. This interim period can offer a unique opportunity for the organization to reevaluate the role's needs and fine-tune the job description based on the interim employee's performance and insights.

Casting a wider net: When a company operates under the pressure of finding the "perfect" candidate, it can inadvertently overlook promising individuals who might not tick every box on the list. Interim solutions may relieve some of this pressure, allowing decision-makers to explore a wider pool of potential candidates.

Easier transition for permanent candidate: Bringing in an interim candidate can facilitate a seamless transition when the permanent candidate is selected. The interim employee can provide valuable insights into the role, the team, and the organization's inner workings, ensuring that the new permanent hire is well equipped to succeed.

While the allure of finding the "perfect" permanent candidate is strong, interim solutions offer a practical and strategic approach to bridge the gap. They provide the continuity, flexibility, and breathing room necessary to make informed hiring decisions that align with the company's long-term goals. By embracing interim solutions, businesses can thrive and emerge stronger as a result.

Do you need an interim solution? Contact us, we would be happy to speak with you.

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