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What Makes a Company a Great Place to Work?

September 30, 2020

Wondering how to strengthen your company culture? A strong culture offers mutual support, promotes trust and rewards employees’ efforts. Here is a look at what makes a company somewhere employees want to stay.

It’s no secret that the most engaged employees are significantly more productive and drive higher company success…but what exactly makes a company a great place to work?

KLR and Envision Technology Advisors have both received recognition as a “Best place to work” for 2020, and we caught up with our leaders to gain insight on what values and benefits are key parts of an awesome culture.

Key components of a great company culture

  1. Advanced Technology

    KLR has always been a tech-savvy firm, and we pride ourselves on that. Flexibility is something our colleagues value, and we’ve made it a priority to invest in our infrastructure and our people and make sure their working conditions allow them to be successful, productive and most of all, safe. Each colleague was gifted a laptop at our annual firm-wide Summit this past November allowing them to work remotely and to access their desktop from any location of their choosing.

    Ensuring that our colleagues can be successful whether in the office or working remotely has always been a priority, but this year it became especially important. Without any downtime, KLR was able to become 100% remote on March 16th, servicing all of our clients with the same quality of service they have grown to depend on. As the world began to navigate this unprecedented crisis, our focus was always on the safety and welfare of our colleagues and continuing our excellent service to our clients, and we’re incredibly proud that we were able to make this unexpected transition as seamless as possible.

    Over the years, KLR has implemented several processes and tools that made this transition to remote work much easier. Some of these include:
    -Our colleagues are always available for remote or virtual conversations (Zoom, Teams, etc.) utilizing video technology
    -IT implemented a support program for any questions or needs and to teach newly implemented technologies and applications
    -We introduced virtual town halls to keep the communication lines open with our entire team
    -We offer virtual team building and fun activities so that our teams can stay connected
  2. People

    Our culture is centered around our people. We have a team of 250 smart, creative, passionate professionals who are always learning and sharing. KLR encourages creativity and welcomes ideas that will help drive our business and assist clients.

    KLR colleagues are strong-minded, driven and always willing to go the extra mile. They are often working together and we put an emphasis on brainstorming, feedback and innovation. At the forefront of everything we do is to provide the best service anywhere. Colleagues are focused on our clients - they listen, roll up their sleeves and deliver solutions to help our clients achieve their goals.
  3. Community Service

    Community service has always been ingrained in our company spirit, and is a value we were founded upon. The Firm has always encouraged and supported all of our team members to become active in the community. The many organizations that our team members are involved in benefit from the expertise and enthusiasm that our team brings to the organization. In addition to our strong nonprofit practice of more than 250 clients, we are committed to ensuring that our communities are better places to live and work.

    We recognize that all communities have an impact on the future of KLR and our clients. We encourage our staff to volunteer their time to various organizations through memberships, active participation and support.

    KLR is committed to investing in our community through professional, business and civic involvement. Our team members serve on the boards of directors and as committee chairs for many organizations.

    While our community service plans for 2020 were put on pause, spreading kindness and support through food drives, walks, athletic events, clothing donations, and family resource programs will resume and are definitely part of our future. As KLR grows and changes with the times, we know that one thing will never waiver—and that’s our commitment to bettering our communities.
  4. Flexibility

    KLR implemented unlimited paid time off (PTO) in 2020, whereby colleagues can take time off whenever they choose without having to worry about keeping track. This policy was implemented to complement our flexibility in the workplace.

    We encourage our colleagues to take the time needed to refresh and recharge. When they have control over their time and planning, we find they are better able to deliver their best work for our clients.

    Our people are our priority, and our PTO policy is part of our larger effort to invest in our present and future leaders. This policy also places KLR as a leader when recruiting talent in the industry. Unlimited PTO has been well received on campus as well as with experienced new hires.

Every company has the potential to be a great place to work, so long as they invest time and effort in their people.

Want to learn more about KLR and Envision’s Best Place to Work awards? Check out our latest press release: Colleagues Select KLR a Best Place to Work.

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