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Cyber Month Update: Why Cybersecurity is a Company-wide Effort

October 25, 2022

When it comes to cyber threats…”staying in your lane” won’t cut it. Learn more about how cybersecurity is a companywide, shared effort and how you can ensure your policies are effective.

Cybersecurity awareness month is a great time to evaluate your organization’s policies around cyber threats and risk awareness. Building a secure environment depends on companywide collaboration. By not fostering a culture of shared responsibility, you limit your team’s ability to engage in effective cyber-resilience strategies. Is your collaboration up to par? Read on.

Foster a culture of shared responsibility

Did you know that 57% of chief financial officers report their organization has been hit by a ransomware attack, but only 12% are actively involved in determining risk and how to protect their organization from cyberthreats?

Here are some things that can help strengthen your cybersecurity:

  • Call on your CFO and senior finance executives to help defend against cyber-risk. They can help mold the organizational risk appetite and cyber security investment strategy. Finance and accounting can be leveraged to help build a risk-based approach to cyber security.
  • Make sure your Human resource leaders are also involved, especially as legal and regulatory pressures mount and as technology and data become pervasive in the workforce. When we recognize the importance of a strong organizational cyber security culture, HR teams can lead the training and development initiative on safeguarding data and the secure use of corporate devices and technology.

Complex business problems, such as managing and mitigating cyber-risk, require collaboration. Learn more about how you can better your cyber collaboration in Envision’s article, Cyber Sessions: Stay in your lane? Not on cyberthreats

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