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Why Your Organization Needs a Network Assessment

July 30, 2018

Running a growing company network depends on making sure each part of your infrastructure is being managed effectively. Learn how a network assessment can help.

As your business expands, so too does your network. Running a growing network smoothly depends on making sure each part of your infrastructure is being managed effectively. How can you evaluate this? A network assessment is a good place to start.

What exactly is a network assessment?

A network assessment reviews your existing structure and comprehensively assesses the productivity of your performance, management, security and processes.

A network assessment:

  • Helps you recognize underused and overused resources, helping you redistribute resources as needed.
  • Pinpoints areas where bandwidth is congested, in other words when the network is carrying more data than it can handle.
  • Identifies security holes that might threaten or weaken your network operations
  • Evaluates your network’s configuration, and suggests changes that will help you maximize efficiency and plan for future growth.

When should you perform a network assessment?

There are a few tell-tale signs that indicate that your business should pursue a network assessment. Experiencing any of the following in your business?

  • Slow running system
  • Frequent viruses
  • Employee frustration
  • Plans to shift structure to the cloud
  • Plans to upgrade, expand or adapt your network.

Time for a network assessment!

Who should I consult for a network assessment?

If your company does not have their own in-house network assessment systems and tools, you will need to hire a third party technology partner to conduct the assessment for you.

What’s the best time to conduct a network assessment?

Are you planning to shift your network structure to the cloud? Before a large roll-out, it is best to make sure you understand exactly where you need to make improvements. A network assessment done far in advance of this planned roll out will give you enough time to do a thorough analysis of your existing structure and implement needed changes before your shift.

What happens after the network assessment?

After the technology partner has completed the assessment, you will have the opportunity to review the comprehensive report and implement any needed changes. You will need to spend some time with your staff and your technology partner to review the results and discuss what can be done to improve network performance.

Making time for a network assessment is an important part of any organization’s IT strategy!

We can help you get started with a network assessment, contact any member of our Information Security Services Team.

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