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Working from Home? Two Helpful Technologies for You

March 20, 2020

Are you working from home more than usual? You might be looking for updated technologies that will help you complete your tasks more efficiently. We can help.

Are you looking for updated technology to work more efficiently and effectively from home? Given current events, it has become increasingly important for employees and employers to reevaluate their current remote work options. Here are two helpful technologies you might consider. KLR can help you get set up. Here are the details.

Virtual Desktop Hosting Software

Virtual desktop hosting software is a secure platform for those who are not ready to transition to QuickBooks online or other cloud based software. Highlights of this technology include:

  • Ability to run QuickBooks desktop (both regular and enterprise editions) versions 2018 to 2020. Users can utilize their existing QuickBooks licenses that they currently own.
  • Setup through KLR’s enterprise solution group is quick and easy and completed 100% remotely. In most cases, we can have you up and running in a few hours.
  • Pricing is very reasonable with a variety of options that we can customize based upon your company’s specific needs.
  • Need assistance working in your QuickBooks file hosted on the virtual desktop? Your KLR team member will have the ability to simply remote in and assist you. is a provider of cloud-based software that automates back-office financial operations for small and midsize businesses.

  • Completely virtualizes the entire accounts payables AND receivables process.
  • Payables – sets up a email address whereby the user can send invoices directly to or upload manually from the website. From that point a complete e-process for approval and payments occurs. Users have the ability to either have mail checks or send ACH wire transfers for payment.
  • Receivables – Users can import invoices via QuickBooks or excel and send them directly to customers through ( can either mail hard copy invoices or send e-invoices)
  • syncs with both QuickBooks online and desktop to automatically record your transaction! (And yes it works with virtual desktop hosting software!)
  • Setup takes a few days as the user will need to get their bank account linked and authorized. KLR’s enterprise solutions group is here to help you through that process and get you up and running as soon as possible.

Interested in a better solution to working remotely using proven technologies? Contact KLR today!

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