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5 Sustainability Trends in the Hospitality Industry

September 28, 2018

Is your business eco-friendly? The typical 2018 customer not only appreciates but expects sustainable practices at the places he/she dines or stays. Learn how you can become more environmentally conscious.

Eco-consciousness is steadily on the rise across all industries. For your restaurant or hotel, this means that customers expect certain eco-friendly amenities when they visit your establishment such as locally sourced menu items and energy conscious hotel amenities. Learn how you can implement sustainability in your business.

5 things you can do to be more eco-friendly

  1. Improve energy management- Many hotels and restaurants have put an emphasis on conserving energy as of late. Some businesses have implemented EV (electric vehicle) parking and charging stations, energy efficient HVAC systems and maintenance routines, and green roofs with solar panels. Other hotels have upgraded lighting systems and have switched to LED efficient light bulbs as a way to conserve energy.
  2. Increase water conservation- Similarly, more businesses are looking for ways to save water. Some hotels are using low-flow aerators on their sinks and low flow showerheads to conserve, while some restaurants are installing energy efficient dishwashers and air cooled ice machines (rather than water cooled machines) to avoid wasting water.
  3. Use locally sourced foods- Local sourcing can be a major selling point for your restaurant. Consider buying items from your local farmer’s market, or even growing fresh produce on site. Work with growers associations to source local ingredients directly from producers.
  4. Introduce a green team- Consider putting together an internal “green team” to spearhead eco-friendly endeavors and manage budgets for green initiatives. If your business doesn’t have the manpower to put together an entire team, consider giving these responsibilities to an individual.
  5. Reduce food waste whenever possible- Every year, more than $150 billion of food is wasted in the U.S. and restaurants play a large role in that number. Get creative with your menu offerings—how can you use leftover kitchen trim like lemon peels and kale stems? How about in a cocktail? Also, consider offering multiple portion choices so that a customer only orders how much he/she can finish.

Take advantage of any opportunity to save energy and reduce waste. Sustainability has proven to be an environmental, social, and financial asset to hotels and restaurants, and has become something visitors not only appreciate, but expect.

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