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Rhode Island Hotel, Arts, & Tourism Grant Program (HArT)

November 03, 2020

Attention Rhode Island hospitality businesses….. the RI Commerce Corporation has begun accepting applications for a new $20 million dollar relief program specifically targeted towards hotel, arts and tourism businesses. Read on.

What’s inside the relief package?

The relief program will be a two part competitive grant program that will provide direct support grants as well as place making activity grants. It aims to prevent the long term closure of arts, culture, hospitality and tourism businesses and institutions with a longer term goal of building resiliency, workforce support and community engagement.

$10 million will support engagement, service, and resiliency activities (ESR). ESR activities could include hosting COVID appropriate events, meetings, virtual, and remote events. The remaining $10 million will be direct support for hotels, arts, culture, and tourism organizations.

The business or non-profit organization must be located in RI and have experienced a 2nd and 3rd quarter revenue loss of at least 30% or more. Approvals will be based on financial need, responsiveness to commitment requirements, and contribution to the community and overall economy.

Applicants are able to receive up to $1 million in direct support. Depending on the size of the entity, applicants can also receive up to $350,000 for ESR activities. After accounting for other federal funding received, awards may not exceed the organization’s demonstrated revenue loss.

Note that direct support grant funds can be used for:

  • Operating costs (including salaries)
  • Adaptive upgrades
  • Reopening costs
  • Technical assistance
  • Critical repairs and maintenance
  • Marketing support
  • Activities to boost community wellbeing
  • Other activities that help build up the sustainability and resilience of the hospitality industry

When is the deadline?

Applications will be posted Monday November 2nd and applications must be submitted by November 9, 2020. Funds are to be spent by December 30, 2020.

To learn more about this relief program check out

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