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Sam Soares

Intern Spring 2023 | Hired 2024

Team camaraderie has always been important to Sam. As a current intern starting full time in January 2024, Sam is so grateful for the opportunity to meet so many people and work closely with other interns. Whether she’s catching up with her coach, Morgan, learning how to complete a tax return or bonding with fellow interns at an escape room, Sam feels like she belongs at KLR.

Why did you choose KLR for you internship?

I learned about KLR through Kristen Ferreira, a friend of a friend who is the controller at KLR. I was on the hunt for an internship but didn’t really know where to begin. I was looking for an opportunity to explore both audit and tax to see which better matched my interests and skills. I got lunch with Kristen who told me about KLR’s robust internship program. KLR sounded like a perfect fit for me, and I applied right away!

What is it like in the office for interns at KLR?

All the interns sit near each other, and our buddies and coaches are nearby as well. Oftentimes a question that my buddy has answered for me is applicable to my fellow interns. It’s nice to be there for each other.

Sitting right near my buddy and coach makes it easy to get the answers I need in a timely manner. They have different perspectives, so it’s been really beneficial to learn from all of them. My coach Morgan has more experience, so it’s nice to see the potential and where I can grow in my career. Sammy is newer to his career, and I’ll be in the same boat as him next year. He knows how I’m feeling because he was recently in my shoes.

Additionally he is pursuing his Master’s degree while working full time, which is something I’d like to pursue as well. It’s helpful to see how he balances his responsibilities.

Have you been able to meet other interns?

Yes! I’ve also had opportunities pop up from week to week to bond with other interns through an outing to an escape room, hanging out outside the office and enjoying the Del’s lemonade truck and more. Additionally, we’ve had the opportunity to participate in partner lunches where we’ve heard directly from partners on their career paths and what led them to where they are today. Learning about Francheska and Anthony’s career paths was so inspiring to me, and I felt really lucky to have that opportunity.

What has been your favorite part about your internship thus far?

Meeting so many people has been the highlight. The partner lunches definitely stick out to me. It’s been so interesting to hear about their differing backgrounds and how they achieved success throughout the years.

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