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KLR's 2021 Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 85 defines our firm as world class when it comes to client satisfaction. The average in the accounting industry is 38%.


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Kathleen Leavenworth

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When asked what makes KLR stand out, Ed Serpe from Alder Foods keeps it simple, “The people,” he says. Navigating the day to day ebbs and flows of business can be a challenge, but having the right advisors makes all the difference. Ed is glad to have KLR on his side…and he’s not alone.

KLR has received a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 85 for 2021, defining our firm as world class when it comes to client satisfaction. The average in the accounting industry is 38%.

So, what is it that makes us valuable to our clients? Hear it from them.

Seeking feedback through NPS

We surveyed our clients using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) metric to help us determine how successfully we deliver on our promise to nurture and value each and every client relationship. It tells us what we do well, what we excel at even, and just as important (if not, more)-- what we need to improve. We are truly humbled and inspired by our clients’ honest and candid responses about what makes KLR stand out.

So, what did our clients have to say?

Ed Sharpe
Ed Serpe, Sr. VP of Finance and Operations, Alder Foods

“Expertise across the full spectrum”

As Ed says, “Everyone I work with at KLR is a consummate professional. Courteous, experienced and analytical.”

As the Senior Vice President of Finance and Operations at Alder Foods, a leading provider of consumer goods for military families, Ed knows the importance of professionalism and follow-through—and he’s glad that he can depend on KLR for just that….and more.

“The team we work with at KLR has expertise across the full spectrum…from audit to tax, to quality of earnings to general financial consulting.”

“Personal attention”

Tom Eagan
Tom Eagan, Director of Finance and Administration, Partridge Snow & Hahn LLP

Tom Eagan, Director of Finance and Administration of Partridge Snow & Hahn LLP echoes Ed’s sentiments. “It’s comforting to be able to contact people with the expertise to answer my questions,” he says.

But, as Tom puts it, it’s that personal attention that sets KLR apart.

“Everyone I deal with is extremely knowledgeable, responsive and friendly, and the personal relationships I have developed over the years make every interaction with KLR that much more meaningful and productive.”

Paul Hooper, CEO, Porta Phone Co Inc.

“They truly care”

Porta Phone Co Inc’s Paul Hooper agrees. As he says, “They are true professionals at KLR. Anthony, Joe Q and Erin are the best! They truly care about our business.”

“Responsive and thorough.”

It’s that level of care that makes KLR stand out, many clients shared. As Lori Rodger, Manager of Accounting at Chelo’s says, “They are responsive and thorough, and always respond to me in a timely manner.”

KLR advisors always seek to bring that level of personal attention to every engagement. As Lori says “I know they will always be able to answer my questions.”

As another client puts it “They always give 110%.”

The best is yet to come

We know we cannot rest on our laurels--we know that we must draw inspiration from their suggestions and find new ways to improve. After all, we conducted this survey to serve our clients better, and that’s exactly what we intend to do.

For now we will value the fact that, as one client puts it,

“We never feel in the dark or out of the loop. There is always a high level of communication and professionalism.”

Our clients’ success is what inspires us to work with fearless drive and fuels our passion for excellence. Their feedback will remind us to continually hold ourselves to a higher standard.

After all, “success is the predictable result of hard work, patience and learning put into practice every day.”

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