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Why work with us

Become future ready.

Too often, organizations view the “cut-over” to a new information system as the end of the project – when in fact it is just the beginning.

Organizations spend considerable resources (people, time and money) in implementing an information technology solution to address critical business needs. Unfortunately, more often than not, those needs remain unaddressed with the end result being nothing more than a significant investment in a large transaction processing system – NOT a business information system.

How we can help

KLR consultants have extensive experience assisting clients in optimizing their systems implementation which, in turn, helps maximize their investments in technology initiatives by:

  • Performing system implementation audits
  • Performing post-implementation assessments
  • Designing KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for deployment; coping and managing re-implementation services
  • Implementing CPM (Corporate Performance Measurement) solutions

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