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COVID-19 and What it Means for You and Your Business

Coronavirus Resource Center

Navigating through all of the information and programs available to impacted businesses may be overwhelming. KLR advisors are available to assist you navigate the best path forward during this unprecedented crisis. With a completely remote workforce our advisors are always available.

We're Here to Help Keep You Informed

Below are our latest articles written by our team regarding the global economy, how businesses are reacting and what individuals need to know about COVID-19.

What is the Employee Retention Credit Under the CARES Act? by Laura Yalanis, CPA, MSTRead Now
How does the CARES Act Impact Employee Benefit Plans? by Jessica Ashley, CPARead Now
When is my Stimulus Check Coming? by Laura Yalanis, CPA, MSTRead Now
PPP: 3 Steps to Calculate Your Loan Forgiveness Amount by Anthony Mangiarelli, CPARead Now
Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loans: What to do After You Have Applied by Mike Garcia, CPARead Now
International Tax Relief Update: IRS Grants Coronavirus Tax Relief for Taxpayers Working Abroad by Francheska Pimentel, CPARead Now
Federal Reserve Rolls Out Main Street Lending Program by Paul Oliveira, CPARead Now
CARES Act Relief for Self Employed and Independent Contractors by Andrew Tavares, CPARead Now
Paycheck Protection Program: Clarification on the 500 Employee Eligibility Limitation by Mike Garcia, CPARead Now
FAQs from NFPs Regarding the CARES Act by Sandy Ross, CPARead Now
Paycheck Protection Program Your Loan Forgiveness Questions Answered by Anthony Mangiarelli, CPARead Now
Paycheck Protection Program FAQs by Anthony Mangiarelli, CPARead Now
New Coronavirus Email Scam...Beware! by Dan Andrea, CPA, CITP, CISARead Now
Why You Should File Your 1040s ASAP by Laura Yalanis, CPA, MSTRead Now
How do You Apply for the Paycheck Protection Program? by Mike Garcia, CPARead Now
How does the CARES Act Impact Tax Deferral and Credit Programs? by Mike Garcia, CPARead Now
How will the CARES Act Help You and Your Business? by Laura Yalanis, CPARead Now
Key Provisions of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES) by Anthony Mangiarelli, CPARead Now
What Solutions are Bankers Offering during the Coronavirus Pandemic? by Tony Boschetto, CPARead Now
CARES Act: How will this Impact Nonprofits? by Sandy Ross, CPARead Now
Maintaining an Agile Workforce Amid Coronavirus Concerns by Jeremy Girard, Envision Technology AdvisorsRead Now
What's Inside the Families First Coronavirus Response Act? by Christine ScarafoniRead Now
What's the Difference between a Furlough and a Layoff? by Christine ScarafoniRead Now
How is the Coronavirus Impacting the Hiring Process? by Alexa Coye, KLR Executive Search Group, LLCRead Now
MA Governor Announces Tax Extensions for Small Businesses by Paul Nadeau, Jr., CPARead Now
Coronavirus FAQs- Helpful Information for You and Your BusinessRead Now
Tax Filing Deadline Moved to July 15 Amid Coronavirus Concerns by Laura H. Yalanis, CPARead Now
Working from Home? Two Helpful Technologies For You by Mike Garcia, CPARead Now
Out of Work Due to Coronavirus? Here's How To File for Unemployment by Laura H. Yalanis, CPARead Now
SBA Offers Disaster Loans Due to COVID-19 by Norman Leblanc, CPARead Now
IRS Extends Tax Payment Deadline by 90 Days Due to Coronavirus - April 15th Filing Deadline Still RemainsRead Now
Are You and Your Team Ready to Work From Home? by Daniel Andrea, CPA CITP, CISARead Now
Fed Cuts Rates to Zero -- Economic Implications by David Wray, CFA, KLR Wealth ManagementRead Now
Congress Defers Tax Payments for Coronavirus Victims by Laura Yalanis, CPARead Now
The Coronavirus Impact on Global Business and How Businesses are Reacting by Alan Litwin, CPARead Now
Coronavirus Email Scams - Beware of Hackers Capitalizing on a Global Pandemic by Dan Andrea, CPARead Now
Stock Market Takes a Turn for the Worse as Coronavirus Impacts Economy by David Wray, CFA, KLR Wealth ManagementRead Now

Visit our Presentations page for recent Coronavirus recorded Webinars.

Effective Monday, March 16, 2020, all of our offices will be closed to visitors. Our entire team will be working remotely with limited or no access to USPS or other mail carriers.

Your emails and phone calls will continue to be responded to by our team and the KLR folks will continue to meet your needs and are cognizant of all deadlines.

We're Here When You Need Us

We will continue to receive mail and packages in a secure storage bin that will then be retrieved by our team multiple times during the day. However, we highly recommend that you send us any information electronically through our secure portal. Our email and phone systems will continue to be the best way to reach your contacts at KLR.

Our Commitment To You

As part of an established firm-wide resiliency program, KLR continues to extensively test and implement business continuity strategies including the latest technological advances. We have and will continue to take prudent and precautionary actions that allow us to support you - including leveraging our technology, being flexible to accommodate your needs, and ensuring we meet all deadlines.

As the environment around us evolves, KLR remains fully functional and is prepared to remotely service our clients and provide continuity of service. We take tremendous pride in being valued partners to you and we are confident that we will persevere during these trying times.

Additional Resources:

Coronavirus in Rhode Island

Coronavirus in Massachusetts

Visit the CDC website for more guidance for businesses and employers.

COVID-19 Disclaimer:
Please note that the situation surrounding the COVID-19 crisis is continually evolving, and as such, clarifications and additional guidance on various government programs are being issued constantly. While KLR is dedicated to providing you the most up to date information, the firm is not responsible for any changes or future determinations to these programs, made by the SBA or any other governmental authority, that are contradictory in nature to the advice contained in Firm communications. KLR assumes no responsibility regarding the ultimate decisions of management made based upon the advice contained herein. All decisions made based on the information contained in our communications will remain the responsibility of the recipient and/or management.

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